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I perform with multiple bands in various styles on multiple instruments. See the table below for the breakdown! And check the future page for the schedule of upcoming shows.


I teach guitar, piano & mandolin. I have developed a large volume of visual learning materials. I charge competitive rates. See the instruction page for details.

Web Design

I build simple, flexible websites at low cost. I can optionally create powerful features using PHP, or use a CMS such as WordPress, or a custom one. See the web design page for details.

Booking & Promo

I book all the music at the O'Neill Pub (formerly Biddy McGraw's). To apply, please don't contact me directly; use the email address on the contact page of the pub website.

I created some Facebook pages; please like and post to them!

current bands

Hot Club of Hawthorne

gypsy jazz / acoustic vintage swing

gypsy guitar

the Hillwilliams


acoustic guitar

Train River


acoustic guitar

Thermal Boogie

fun rock covers: blues-rock, funk, jam

electric guitar

Jenny Sizzler

original comedy rock/Phish & Dead covers


Grateful Buds

Grateful Dead


Ramblin' Rose

Grateful Dead & JGB


Rain or Shine

guitar duo + accordion: swing, country, variety

acoustic guitar (members of Hot Club Time Machine, plus we add more styles)

solo looping act

swing, grass, ballads, latin, vocal, variety

MIDI guitar w/ looper

check my music page

the Yellers

original roots rock and folk rock

electric guitar

Like 'em on Facebook, and please get on the band mailing lists where available!


performance calendar


  • Events in blue are my bluegrass band Train River.
  • Events in red are my gypsy jazz band the Hot Club of Hawthorne.
  • Events in orange are my other bluegrass band the Hillwilliams.
  • Events in green are everything else!

    Go to my future page to view as a calendar.