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Thanks for visiting my site!

Folks, I have terrible news about my website. There was a major server crash, and the entire database was lost -- including my mailing list I've collected over 9 years. There was no surviving backup. It is a disaster and a travesty...

So, I have moved my website to a new server (and company). I still have to reconstuct parts of the website; this is a copy I made a while back.

A good thing that will come out of this is, the website will be much better than it was -- in content, and presentation. The old one was one of my first web design efforts, and it kind of got locked as it was on the other server. The new design will offer more content -- including a proper video page! -- and it will be easier to find and navigate.

I'm super busy right now, still recuperating from two changes of residence (after 10 years!), booking Biddy's, playing in 9(!) bands, and teaching lessons. I hope to get to it soon.

In the meantime, please check out my current bands' websites:


Hot Club of Hawthorne

gypsy jazz / acoustic vintage swing

gypsy guitar

the Hillwilliams


acoustic guitar

Train River


acoustic guitar

Thermal Boogie

fun rock covers: blues-rock, funk, jam

electric guitar

Jenny Sizzler

original comedy rock/Phish & Dead covers


Grateful Buds

Grateful Dead


Cats Under the Stars

Grateful Dead & JGB


Rain or Shine

guitar duo + accordion: swing, country, variety

acoustic guitar (members of Hot Club Time Machine, plus we add more styles)

solo looping act

swing, grass, ballads, latin, vocal, variety

MIDI guitar w/ looper

check my music page

the Yellers

original roots rock and folk rock

electric guitar

Like 'em on Facebook, and please get on the band mailing lists where available!


Performance Calendar


  • Events in blue are my bluegrass band Train River.
  • Events in red are my gypsy jazz band the Hot Club of Hawthorne.
  • Events in orange are my other bluegrass band the Hillwilliams.
  • Events in green are everything else!

    Go to my future page to view as a calendar.