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Jeffrey Noyes White grew up in the small, quaint village of Clinton, New York. He attended high school at the Putney School, located on a farm in remote, rural Vermont. In these settings Jeffrey developed an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of nature.

At an early age, Jeffrey displayed exceptional aptitude at math and science, writing his own computer game programs and drawing elaborate mazes. He began studying the piano at around ten years old; the guitar, twelve. Soon, Jeffrey grew fascinated by the geometry of music, and became obsessed with exploring all its possibilities...perhaps to the detriment of his social development.

Eventually, after becoming sufficiently aware of the cultural limitations of small-town life, Jeffrey considered broadening his horizons at various colleges and, feeling drawn by the mystery of the west coast, chose to move to Oregon. He lived in Eugene and Portland for 26 years.

Finally, as Portland grew too dense and expensive, Jeffree and his partner Kelli chose to settle in Washougal, WA -- 10 miles northeast of Portland -- in 2016.

So now, when Jeffrey tells you that he was originally from one of the lesser moons of Saturn, you will know better.

Musical Performance

Jeffree White is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed with over 80 groups in his 30+ years of playing. His background is mostly in guitar, but since 2003 has played keyboards with many groups, and he also plays mandolin, bass, and melodica. Acts he has performed with play a wide range of styles, including: rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, swing, reggae, Irish, prog rock, folk, world, and more! His versatility, imagination, and technical prowess have won him high praises. Jeffree captivates audiences with his strong, lyrical melodies and sophisticated rhythm playing, as well as his whimsical delivery and flamboyant presence.

Acts Jeffree has performed with as a member (in approximately reverse chronological order):
  1. Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra
  2. Stump Stompers
  3. Bilgerats & Pyrettes
  4. Grateful Buds
  5. Rain or Shine
  6. Thermal Boogie
  7. Dirt Twirlers
  8. the Yellers
  9. the Hillwilliams
  10. Knit Pickers
  11. Ray Mann
  12. Train River
  13. Hot Club Time Machine
  14. Hot Club of Hawthorne
  15. Garcia Birthday Band
  16. Northbound Rain
  17. The Old Flames
  18. Ramblin' Rose
  19. Cats Under the Stars
  20. Funk Shui
  21. Junk to Funk Orchestra
  22. Tree Frogs
  23. Jake Oken-Berg
  24. Klickitat
  25. Joe Strong & the Radbones
  26. Andrew Lynch Duo
  27. Stellakinesis
  28. Blue Zebra
  29. Jacob Merlin Band
  30. New Church Militia
  31. Jenny Sizzler
  32. Lowell J. Mitchell
  33. Ashbury Park
  34. Rich Man's Burden
  35. Pieces
  36. The Night Owls
  37. Five
  38. KC Murphy
  39. Ali Ippolito
  40. Heavy Petting Zoo
  41. Diggabone
  42. Juicy Fruit
  43. Static-chair
  44. Me and My Brother
  45. Salad
  46. Cosmic Ozzies aka Low Pressure System
  47. Pepper
  48. Julie Larson
  49. Flying Colours
  50. The Lushpuppies
  51. The Time Being
  52. The Ombudsmen aka Flounder
  53. Groove Manifesto
  54. Perfectable You
  55. Cat in the Hopper
  56. Jahkuumba
  57. Eridor
  58. Shaka Belize Band
  59. Bamiki Bandula
  60. Cornerstone
  61. 4Word
  62. Glenno Falkenberg
  63. Wank
  64. Moss
  65. People's Choice
  66. Sangfroid
  67. Rooster's All-Stars
  68. Blues Club Project
  69. Yantra
  70. Pleaser Tweezer
  71. Toast
  72. unnamed Dead cover band
  73. S.P.L. (Sh*t Played Loud)

other artists with whom I have had the pleasure of sitting in:
Family Funktion ~ Folkrum ~ Big Island Shindig ~ Jive Talkin' Robots ~ Porterhouse ~ Soular ~ Emily Wilder ~ Alexa Wiley ~ Anne Weiss ~ Freaks of Nature ~ Neo-Pagan Jazz Bastards

You can view Jeffree's calendar from 2005-2012 on the events archive page.