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January 18th, 2017
website updates; new projects


I've been taking advantage of time spent indoors during all the snow and ice storms, to work on some long-neglected areas of this website! There is still more to do -- there always will be! -- but so far I've worked on:

  • music page: made a table for presenting the different types of info for each band, with all the info in a database. Soon I'll add music players of select tracks in there...right now, it's just a link.
  • web design page: for my portfolio, I set up a column on the left, and a big preview frame to the right. Added descriptions and features.
  • history page: entitled sections "personal" and "musical performance"; updated both sections
  • header: I also final got rid of that ancient image in the header! I'm playing around with slideshows...
  • links page: weeded out outdated links.
  • added a new background too! Similar colors, but different. :)

I've rediscovered the joy of web design and coding. I'm often reluctant to devote a chunk of time to learning a new web design skill, but I do want to up my game, and maybe get some new clients.

I welcome any suggestions or tips!

new projects

In the last 6 months, I've started playing with 2 different bands:

  • Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra -- big band playing elaborate, arrangements of the 20s and 30s
  • Bilgerats & Pyrettes -- pirate-themed band, costumes and all! Great singers, and fun people with theatrical backgrounds

See my music page for details and links.

more news...

performance calendar


  • Events in blue are my bluegrass band Train River.
  • Events in red are my gypsy jazz band the Hot Club of Hawthorne.
  • Events in orange are my other bluegrass band the Hillwilliams.
  • Events in green are everything else!

    Go to my future page to view as a calendar.

current bands

Go to the music page for details.


Hot Club of Hawthorne

gypsy jazz / acoustic vintage swing

gypsy guitar

the Hillwilliams


acoustic guitar

Train River


acoustic guitar

Thermal Boogie

fun rock covers: blues-rock, funk, jam

electric guitar

Jenny Sizzler

original comedy rock/Phish & Dead covers


Grateful Buds

Grateful Dead


Ramblin' Rose

Grateful Dead & JGB


Rain or Shine

guitar duo + accordion: swing, country, variety

acoustic guitar (members of Hot Club Time Machine, plus we add more styles)

solo looping act

swing, grass, ballads, latin, vocal, variety

MIDI guitar w/ looper

check my music page

the Yellers

original roots rock and folk rock

electric guitar

Like 'em on Facebook, and please get on the band mailing lists where available!




I perform with multiple bands in various styles on multiple instruments. See the music page for the breakdown. And check the future page for the schedule of upcoming shows.


I teach guitar, piano & mandolin. I have developed a large volume of visual learning materials. I charge competitive rates. See the instruction page for details.

Web Design

I build simple, flexible websites at low cost. I can optionally create powerful features using PHP, or use a CMS such as WordPress, or a custom one. See the web design page for details.

Booking & Promo

I book all the music at the O'Neill Pub (formerly Biddy McGraw's). To apply, please don't contact me directly; use the email address on the contact page of the pub website.

I created some Facebook pages; please like and post to them!