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Picasa: a collection of shots of me during the 20-aughts decade.
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Flickr album of me playing music. Try the slideshow feature in albums, found at the top right.

Jeffree playing music
galleries online

So, Google used to offer Picasa, which had awesome features for sharing albums and embedding slideshows. Then, they pulled it all and now have Google Photos, which seems to me to be very feature-poor. What a bummer! I couldn't even find a link to the page the albums are all on, except this.

On there -- if it's still accessible! -- are galleries including pictures of

  • Bend area & Smith Rock Park
  • Indian Heaven Wilderness east of Mount Adams
  • Cheeney Creek near the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness
  • Phish at the Gorge
  • Rothbury Festival 2009
  • the Dead at Shoreline and the Gorge
  • Mount Hood's Cathedral Ridge
  • hot air ballooning
  • High Sierra 2008
  • my first trip to Southern California
  • my trip to Italy: one gallery of Tuscany, one of Rome
  • Halloween 2007 & 2006
  • several anti-war rallies
  • various gems of me, myself, and I
  • and more!

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Couple more collections can be found at "Jeffree" contains older photos, and "slideshow" contains selected current favorites.