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The below are people who are kind enough to link to my website.

Brad and I played with the group Five. He is an awesome tenor sax player and flutist, and an accomplished music educator.
The big-haired bass-spankin' film-makin' kung fu master himself.
Joe Mishkin is an entertainer and balloon man extraordinaire...not your average Joe! He also plays flute and percussion in the Cosmic Ozzies, a band with whom I play from time to time. He's got a great website and sends out fun newsletters, so be sure to get on his email list!

Portland music acts I like
Funk Shui
Sean Nowland
Lewi Longmire
3 Leg Torso
Dylan-Thomas Vance
St. James's Gate

Portland music venues

Venues I've played at (with whom)

Alberta St. Pub (Rich Man's Burden)
Ash St. Saloon (Jenny Sizzler, Rich Man's Burden, Flying Colours, Pepper)
Dante's (Hot Club of Hawthorne)
Edgefield Winery (the Yellers, Hot Club Time Machine)
Crystal Ballroom (Hot Club of Hawthorne, Junk to Funk Band, Julie Larson)
Goodfoot Lounge (Ramblin Rose, Grateful Buds, Stellakinesis, Joe Strong, Blue Zebra, Ashbury Park, Five, Ali Ippolito)
Grand Lodge (Hot Club Time Machine)
Hawthorne Theatre (Ashbury Park)
Horning's Hideout (Hot Club of Hawthorne, Train River, Hillwilliams, Grateful Buds, Diggabone, Cosmic Ozzies, Time Being, Perfectable You)
Jimmy Mak's (Jake Oken-Berg)
Laurelthirst (the Yellers, Hillwilliams, Train River, Lowell J. Mitchell, Diggabone, Lushpuppies)
Lola's Room (Five)
Mississippi Pizza (Train River, Hot Club of Hawthorne, Klickitat, Jenny Sizzler, Five, KC Murphy)
Mock Crest Tavern (Hot Club of Hawthorne, Hillwilliams, Lowell J. Mitchell, KC Murphy)
the O'Neill Pub (formerly Biddy McGraw's) (Grateful Buds, Jenny Sizzler, Hillwilliams, the Yellers, Cats Under the Stars, Hot Club of Hawthorne, Train River, Bilgerats & Pyrettes, Knit Pickers, Lowell J. Mitchell, Ashbury Park, New Church Militia, Night Owls)
Rock Creek Tavern (Cats Under the Stars)
Southfork (Hot Club of Hawthorne, Hot Club Time Machine)
Starday Tavern (Jenny Sizzler)
White Eagle (Hillwilliams, Hot Club of Hawthorne, Bilgerats & Pyrettes, Train River, Stellakinesis, Rich Man's Burden, Jenny Sizzler)

Other venues

Aladdin Theater
Buffalo Gap
Doug Fir
Kennedy School
Mississippi Studios
Roseland Theater

Environmental organizations
Union of Concerned Scientists
Circle of Life
Oregon Chapter Sierra Club
Wilderness Society
Siskiyou Project
Gifford Pinchot taskforce
Welcome to Earthville!
Sierra Club
Greenpeace USA
Natural Resources Defense Council
Redefining Progress
League of Conservation Voters
Grist Magazine
Cascadia Wildlands Project
Organic Consumers Association


Quit Smoking Community -- I find cigarettes to be among the most irritating things, and for almost 20 years I was forced to be in rooms with them in order to be around live music. SO glad we live in a civilized age now! Still, even at outdoor festivals they can get really annoying... Please quit! Furthermore, I find it sadly ironic that anti-corporate revolutionary types tend to smoke. How many billions of dollars a year sent to those few companies?? -- I don't have experience with this organization, but I am a recovered alcoholic and support the kind of work they are doing. This seems like a good resource.

American Cancer Society