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Below is a list of current bands, and a list of inactive bands from my past. The column on the right links to audio pages.

Recordings available for purchase are indicated by *CD available.

current bands


Hot Club of Hawthorne

This project is my greatest achievement as a bandleader, and one I believe I'll always have, while other bands come and go. The style is perfect for me, and it fits so well in many settings.


  • gypsy jazz and vintage swing acoustic stringband
  • lively acoustic swing stringband with gypsy guitars, upright bass, and either clarinet, violin, mandolin, and/or accordion, playing old-time jazz with exotic gypsy & multiethnic flavors
  • old-time swing and world music played on acoustic stringed instruments, with exotic Old World flair, a fiery delivery, and feelgood charm
  • gypsy jazz & vintage swing band in the style popularized by French gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli in the 1930s. From lively to mellow; from rootsy to sophisticated.

gypsy jazz, vintage (1920s/30s) swing

gypsy guitar, melodica

Train River

Train River is a collective of amateur/semi-pro bluegrass musicians. The repertoire includes many traditional bluegrass numbers and fiddle tunes, along with more modern additions which have become standards -- tunes by Old & In the Way, David Grisman, and Phish -- and some nonbluegrass surprises thrown in for fun and variety. Like many other new bluegrass fans, I discovered the music through the Grateful Dead and offshoot bands, and contemporary jamgrass bands.

Train River is always looking for talent, so if you are looking to play, please get in touch!


acoustic guitar, mandolin

Bilgerats & Pyrettes

I started playing with these splendid folks in 2016, and it's been too much fun. They have backgrounds in drama and create some tricky song arrangements, like might come from a musical; it's a fun challenge for me.

Music to plunder by! A collection of pirate themed music featuring traditional sea shanties, original compositions and familiar contemporary sounds, all woven together by dramatic interludes which tell the tale of a renegade life on the sea. Experience new arrangements of traditional songs of the sea, modern shanties derived from contemporary popular music, six-part a cappella harmonies, up-beat Latin rhythms and a Cajun song of freedom. Come sail the seven seas with the BilgeRats & Pyrettes and prepare to be boarded!

pirate rock, folk

electric guitar, MIDI, mandolin


My solo act varies: it could be

  • piano
  • MIDI guitar with looper
  • gypsy jazz with looper
  • or just guitar & vocals!
  • solo piano: jazz and popular music
And each can include different amounts of singing, depending on the setting.

See individual events for the description.


MIDI guitar with looper, piano, or guitar with looper, all with or without vocals

Rain or Shine

A trio of guitar (sometimes piano), violin, accordion and vocals, Rain or Shine takes you around the world and brings you home with happy Americana. Styles include vintage swing, bluegrass, film soundtrack numbers, Brazilian, Irish, Eastern European, and polka!

The trio in recent years has been myself on acoustic guitar or piano, Flauren Ricketts on violin, and Steve Cleveland on accordion. Russell Gores founded the group and has included other musicians; when he had to bow out, he passed the torch to me.

The band has performed monthly at a retirement home in SE Portland since 2011.

Since we play there regularly, we've developed unique sets rotating through over 7 hours' worth of material!


acoustic guitar, gypsy guitar, piano







inactive bands


Jenny Sizzler

This is the band with whom I played the longest. I finally decided to bow out in 2018, but they're still rockin'.

Jenny Sizzler -- not a person, but a 7-piece comedy rock juggernaut -- is a fun-loving group doing humorous original ditties, plus disco, Phish, Grateful Dead, and whatever tunes we think would be fun!

I first starting playing with them in 2007. Since then we've played 1st Fridays at Mississippi Pizza (taking summers off), and gigs at Biddy McGraw's, the Blue Room, the Tonic Lounge, and the Garcia Birthday Band Festival. Booking agents have called us their consistently best draw, and "the most fun band we've ever had!"

After 8 years playing keys, I switched to guitar, employing the MIDI guitar with fun results.

We produced two CDs. See the website for details, or find the band on CDBaby.

comedy rock, disco, bluegrass rock

electric guitar, MIDI; played solely keys for the first 8 years

Tree Frogs

Through my work with Funk Shui (which came about through friendship with Sean Nowland, which came about from playing the Laurelthirst open mike week after week after week in 98-99!), I played shows with the Tree Frogs as well, filling in for Fred. The Frogs included a couple more singers and more pop & singer/songwriter tunes by the great John Henry Bourke. There were some epic happy hours at the Laurelthirst!

In August of 1992, the Tree Frogs started out jamming in front of a handful of friends in a leaky basement in SE. Since then, the Frogs played more than 500 shows throughout the Western U.S., logging over 30,000 miles in their road-tested Ford Econoline van. The roots-rock band became known for their high-energy dance grooves, strong songwriting, tight harmonies and psychedelic musical improvisation.

rock, funk

electric guitar

Funk Shui

Funk Shui is the Portland, Oregon-based six-piece funk and rock and roll band comprised of once-and-future, humble-but-mighty Treefrogs plus many other superstar players, sit-in soloists, and superhero special guests.

I had the honor of playing with them at many occasions -- including NYE, twice! -- mostly at Biddy McGraw's, where they were practically the house band.

funk, rock

electric guitar

the Hillwilliams

The Hillwilliams are a high-energy bluegrass band. We put out a CD of originals and did an 8-day tour of California and Southern Oregon in 2014. We perform using a central condenser mike for a traditional, dynamic stage presence. This project features a lot of the best 3-part vocal harmonies I've been a part of!

On the CD is a condensed bluegrass version of the tune "the Hankerin'" that I recorded with Diggabone.

*CD available

bluegrass, original

acoustic guitar

Ramblin' Rose

Performing in Portland, Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest since 2001, Ramblin' Rose is dedicated to the preservation of the uniquely American musical heritage that is the Grateful Dead, and the conservation of that fascinating, elusive species, the American Deadhead. Ramblin' Rose shows are about tapping into and sharing in the magical musical mojo that crackled in the air at every Grateful Dead concert, and providing a dance environment and gathering space for those of us for whom the music never stopped.

Grateful Dead


Cats Under the Stars

This was a Jerry Garcia Band tribute, featuring members of Ramblin' Rose.

Cats Under the Stars decided to return to their GD roots, add a 2nd guitarist, and convert back into Ramblin' Rose.

Jerry Garcia Band tribute


Grateful Buds

The Grateful Buds explore the music of the Grateful Dead with a rotating cast of some of Portland's finest musicians, including members of Ramblin' Rose, GBB, Hillwilliams, and more. Lately I've been playing guitar and singing leads, but I've also played keys and bass in the band. We usually play at the O'Neill Pub on last Thursdays.

Grateful Dead

electric guitar, keys or bass as needed


Stellakinesis was my most original* band, and one of the most musically accomplished.

Rooted in funky jazz, but infused with fiery rock, uptempo modern beats, and exploratory psychedelic jams, Stellakinesis takes danceable rhythms, rich with percussion, and adds sophisticated harmonies and stimulating changes to make music more colorful and interesting than most dance music, while maintaining the momentum for the dance floor. The music includes improvisational stretches which add excitement and freshness to each performance, yet the band is careful to not allow them to get too longwinded or chaotic for the audience. The band is inspired by funky party bands, jazz virtuosos, rock heroes, and the jamband greats alike, and they strive to combine the best elements of these styles into a satisfying musical experience.


  • myself on guitar
  • Andy Ellis Valdini (Argyle) on keys
  • Andrew Clapp (Rich Man's Burden) on bass
  • Travis Ellison (the Mountain Ever) on drums
  • Rob Roy (Five) on percussion

Recordings of live Stellakinesis are on here.

*My own compositions the band performed were:

  • Major Air
  • Spectral Rescue
  • Up and Out
  • Spin Round the Block
  • Arabisco

funk, jam, prog rock, jazz

electric guitar, MIDI

Ne Plus Jass Orchestra

I bought a banjitar just to play in this band! This is a big band playing lush, fully orchestrated original charts from the 1920s/30s. It's musically ambitious and was a fun challenge for me. But, it just didn't pencil out for me.

big band, Dixieland, vintage (1920s) swing

banjitar aka 6-string banjo

the Yellers

The Yellers are an incarnation of the Old Yellers. Led by songwriter Michael Berly, the band includes bass, fiddle, drums, lead guitar, and harmonica, and I play keys. Bassist Joe Chiusano is a true force of nature on vocals, impersonating John Lennon, Elvis, Jim Morrison, and Robert Plant(really!).

The band often plays monthly at the Laurelthirst to a packed house. I play with them when my schedule allows.

Americana, rock, original, folk



Five was active 2003-05. (Five played 05-05-05 at the Goodfoot!) I was member #6...? The band played horn-driven, funky & Latin jazz with a solid 3-piece horn section. See also side project Salad, featuring Matt, John & I; the track Pass Me By is worth a listen!

  • Brad Schrandt - tenor sax & flute
  • Kevin Drake - baritone & alto sax
  • John Schurman - trumpet
  • Matt Burlin - bass & vocals
  • Rob Roy - drums & percussion

jazz, funk

electric guitar, keys


I was invited to join these guys for their performance aired live on KBOO's program Station to Station. Pieces included Jason Honl on bass, Jason Stewart on drums, Bryan Appel of Seven Year Tango on guitar and gadgets, and Tom Lageson on sax. I put the studio's Rhodes piano through my stereo effects unit (listen with headphones!). The music is psychedelic jazz a la Coltrane in space.

Check out these minute-or-two-long excerpts (the whole tunes are like ten minutes long each...):

acid jazz


Thermal Boogie

Thermal Boogie played a variety of fun covers, including: ~ funky tunes ala Sly Stone, Billy Preston & Ben Harper ~ instrumental funky numbers ala Meters, Booker T., & Greyboy All-Stars ~ jam band anthems ala Grateful Dead & Phish ~ bluegrass/train beats & feelgood New Orleans rhythms ~ blues rock ala Hendrix, Cream, Allman Bros, Tom Waits, & Zappa! The lineup included ~ me on electric guitar with MIDI, and vocals ~ Rob Sipsky (Shafty, Mars Retrieval Unit) on guitar ~ Chris Marshall (Marshall, Rare Diagram) on bass and vocals ~ Rhonda Piasecki (Klickitat, Jenny Sizzler) on drums and vocals

funk, rock, jam, blues

electric guitar, MIDI

Blue Zebra

I played with these guys regularly for two years from 2006-08. They're all great players -- dedicated, experienced musicians. We built a set of funky, jazzy jam tunes, including covers by Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, and John Scofield.

We played our first full performance at the Clean Energy Fair in Sellwood Riverfront Park in August 2006; we played the Goodfoot in January 2007, three gigs at the Bethany Village Grill in NW, and also Pirates Tavern, Domenic's, and a couple of coffee houses in Newberg.

Here is a video clip of my solo during our version of the tune Cold Duck Time, performed at the Bethany Village Grill on August 3rd, 2007.

funk, jazz, jam

electric guitar

Flying Colours

Flying Colours was based around a partnership between songwriter Tom Villone and keyboardist Erik Zapata in Eugene in the mid 90s. They shared a love of prog rock; Tom's songwriting is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and early Genesis. The project became two separate projects: one recording, and one live. Tom had a great home studio out in Veneta, and we spent many a night layering tracks; I had the luxury of taking many takes until I got a good one, so there is some quality guitar work on the resulting CD, entitled Shine, released in 1998. I have a box full of the CDs; drop me a line and I'll send you one for $5 + $2 shipping!

A couple of years later, a band was formed to do some gigs; I had already moved to Portland, but I did some shows, including Sam Bond's and Taylor's in Eugene, Mt. Tabor Theater and Ash St. Saloon in Portland, and the North Shore in Bingen, WA.

*CD available

original rock, prog rock

electric guitar, classical guitar, bass

Ashbury Park

I played with Ashbury Park in 2005-06. AP was founded by southern gentlemen Big E (Sugar Cane String Band) and John Becher (Resolectrics) in '93 back in Indiana. In the late 90s they had a huge jam band following in Portland. They were road dogs for years, and I got to go on two tours to Montana, WA and ID in their giant school bus: quite the adventures! The music was rootsy, bluesy and country and really resonated with audiences. I was lucky to step into it and play great gigs at the Goodfoot, Fez Ballroom, and the Summer Meltdown Festival.

roots rock, Southern rock

electric guitar, keys

Lowell J. Mitchell

Lowell J. Mitchell plays a fun mix of blues, ragtime, country, & gospel music -- "B-sides" from various twentieth-century Americana, along with soulful originals. "Lowell brings a grass-roots jug-band sensibility to an upbeat blend of rock, blues, rockabilly, soul, island and gospel flavors." He plays guitar and sings, sometimes on acoustic, sometimes a fired-up Strat.

I met Lowell at the old Snake & Weasel when he played there with his band Heavy Petting Zoo; I sat in on piano that evening. Since then, I have also played guitar, mandolin, & bass with him, as a duo and in bands with many a sideman. Mostly, I played the piano. Lowell & I played as a duo every Monday night from spring 2006 to summer 2007 during happy hour at Biddy McGraw's; I played their house piano, miked up. We have also performed at the Laurelthirst, Mock Crest Tavern, Portland Saturday Market, Mark's On the Channel in Scappoose, and the Goble Tavern in Goble, Oregon.

You can find out more about Lowell, as well as hear audio samples of us, from his website at I created the website, BTW.

freak folk, blues, ragtime

piano, keys, bass, mandolin

Rich Man's Burden

Rich Man's Burden is the band centered around Jeremy Serwer's passionate songs and marvelous soul singing. His songs range from bittersweet ballads to fiery, haunting rock. The rhythm section is rock-solid and powerful, including Andy Clapp on bass and Jess Goodwin on drums.

Listening to the song "AJ" gives me sweaty rocks. Here is the version of it performed live at the Fez Ballroom in 2006:


I go off on the Whammy pedal and over-the-top soloing.

Rich Man's Burden

original rock

electric guitar, keys


Diggabone played rock with flavors of funk, jazz, & bluegrass, with plenty of vocal harmonies & jams; mostly original, featuring the songwriting of bandleader Eric Bohne. We traveled quite a bit, making several excursions to Hood River, the Coast, and Puget Sound. Fun guys to work with, and we had many enjoyable times. I played with Diggabone from August 2001 until February 2004.

You can pick up a copy of the CD, entitled Headspacewalking, via Paypal by clicking this button:

This is my one song on the album. Prog-grass?!? A simplified acoustic version would later be recorded by the Hillwilliams. This version has the lost bridge -- with modulations!

*CD available

rock, jam band

electric guitar


Salad began as a trio consisting of myself on flamenco and electric guitars, Matt Burlin -- who later I would work with in Five -- on vocals and guitar, and Bert on conga. Most of the tunes played were originals of Matt's, flavored with flamenco, jazz, funk, and blues. We played every Sunday for a while at the Snake and Weasel. Other musicians involved later included John Schurman on trumpet, Kevin Cowan on bass, and David Lipkind on harmonica.

We recorded Matt Burlin's sweet tune Pass Me By in a couple of hours in Griff Bear's studio, and I love the results. I played bass on a keyboard.

electric guitar, classical guitar


Foolish Hearts Band

The next chapter of a Grateful Dead experience brought to you by members of Ramblin' Rose, Cats Under the Stars, and Grateful Buds. I'm not a full-time member, but sometimes get the call to fill in for someone.

Grateful Dead




miscellaneous downloads


There is a large vault of MP3s of various projects of mine at





miscellaneous tracks

Blue Zebra funky jazz guitar

Blue Zebra demo

Lowell J. Mitchell ragtime piano

Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From?

Rich Man's Burden sinister rock guitar


Five horn-driven funky jazz guitar, organ and keys



Diggabone (Jeffree White original song) proggrass guitar

the Hankerin'

Pieces acid jazz Fender Rhodes + effects

Circle of Four

Afro Blue

Salad acoustic nylon-string guitar and bass on keyboards

Pass Me By

Jeffree White is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed with over 80 groups in his 30+ years of playing. His background is mostly in guitar, but since 2003 has played keyboards with many groups, and he also plays mandolin, bass, and melodica. Acts he has performed with play a wide range of styles, including: rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, swing, reggae, Irish, prog rock, folk, world, and more! His versatility, imagination, and technical prowess have won him high praises. Jeffree captivates audiences with his strong, lyrical melodies and sophisticated rhythm playing, as well as his whimsical delivery and flamboyant presence.

Acts Jeffree has performed with as a member (in approximately reverse chronological order):
  1. Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra
  2. Stump Stompers
  3. Bilgerats & Pyrettes
  4. Grateful Buds
  5. Rain or Shine
  6. Thermal Boogie
  7. Dirt Twirlers
  8. the Yellers
  9. the Hillwilliams
  10. Knit Pickers
  11. Ray Mann
  12. Train River
  13. Hot Club Time Machine
  14. Hot Club of Hawthorne
  15. Garcia Birthday Band
  16. Northbound Rain
  17. The Old Flames
  18. Ramblin' Rose
  19. Cats Under the Stars
  20. Funk Shui
  21. Junk to Funk Orchestra
  22. Tree Frogs
  23. Jake Oken-Berg
  24. Klickitat
  25. Joe Strong & the Radbones
  26. Andrew Lynch Duo
  27. Stellakinesis
  28. Blue Zebra
  29. Jacob Merlin Band
  30. New Church Militia
  31. Jenny Sizzler
  32. Lowell J. Mitchell
  33. Ashbury Park
  34. Rich Man's Burden
  35. Pieces
  36. The Night Owls
  37. Five
  38. KC Murphy
  39. Ali Ippolito
  40. Heavy Petting Zoo
  41. Diggabone
  42. Juicy Fruit
  43. Static-chair
  44. Me and My Brother
  45. Salad
  46. Cosmic Ozzies aka Low Pressure System
  47. Pepper
  48. Julie Larson
  49. Flying Colours
  50. The Lushpuppies
  51. The Time Being
  52. The Ombudsmen aka Flounder
  53. Groove Manifesto
  54. Perfectable You
  55. Cat in the Hopper
  56. Jahkuumba
  57. Eridor
  58. Shaka Belize Band
  59. Bamiki Bandula
  60. Cornerstone
  61. 4Word
  62. Glenno Falkenberg
  63. Wank
  64. Moss
  65. People's Choice
  66. Sangfroid
  67. Rooster's All-Stars
  68. Blues Club Project
  69. Yantra
  70. Pleaser Tweezer
  71. Toast
  72. unnamed Dead cover band
  73. S.P.L. (Sh*t Played Loud)

other artists with whom I have had the pleasure of sitting in:
Family Funktion ~ Folkrum ~ Big Island Shindig ~ Jive Talkin' Robots ~ Porterhouse ~ Soular ~ Emily Wilder ~ Alexa Wiley ~ Anne Weiss ~ Freaks of Nature ~ Neo-Pagan Jazz Bastards