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Rain or Shine

A trio of guitar (sometimes piano), violin, accordion and vocals, Rain or Shine takes you around the world and brings you home with happy Americana. Styles include vintage swing, bluegrass, film soundtrack numbers, Brazilian, Irish, Eastern European, and polka!

The band in recent years has been myself on acoustic guitar or piano, Flauren Ricketts on violin, and Steve Cleveland on accordion. Russell Gores founded the group and has included other musicians; when he had to bow out, he passed the torch to me.

Rain or Shine has performed monthly at a retirement home in SE Portland since 2011.

Since we play there regularly, we've developed unique sets rotating through over 7 hours' worth of material.


Listen to audio of a whole set below; skip every 5 minutes or so to hear samples of various tunes.

2015-12-04 whole set 56 megs 59:22 128 kbps mp3
    song list in this set:
  • I'm Walkin' the Dog (bluegrass)
  • Big Bad Bill (Western swing)
  • Girl from Ipanema (bossa nova)
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast (Irish fiddle tune)
  • Let it Snow (holiday)
  • Smoke Rings (swing ballad)
  • Darktown Strutter's Ball (swing novelty)
  • Jambalaya (New Orleans)
  • Baym Rebn in Palestina (Eastern European)
  • Forked Deer (fiddle tune)
  • Lazybones (bluesy swing)
  • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (gospel)
  • What a Wonderful World (Sam Cooke tune; R&B)
  • Rocky Top Tennessee (bluegrass)

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