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I strive to incorporate into websites

  • simplicity, by logically categorizing content and providing clean, accessible menus;
  • clarity, by choosing color schemes that are easy on the eyes, and curtailing graphic effects for readability;
  • flexibility, in order to allow easy updating and content management;
  • functionality, by embedding slick, user-friendly tools like calendars or galleries.

I can make sites which are dynamic, meaning intelligent enough to filter content by criteria (e.g. only show future events), or include a random item such as a picture, quote, or link. I use the language PHP and a database (MySQL) to achieve this.

Other optional features include
  • an image gallery
  • a calendar and/or event list
  • logos and/or custom buttons
  • email list subscription systems
  • newsletter tool

There are different options for some of these features which vary in capability, but also labor to set up. Write or call me to discuss which options are best for your web site, and I'll give you an estimate for the cost.

My rates are extremely competitive!





Click on the thumbnail images to open the site in the preview window.

This was probably my greatest achievement. Its mission was to be a local JamBase: band profiles, venue profiles, and a calendar of events. It was database-driven, so all the info was in databases, making it easy for all the links and images to be automatically put in. There was a central event list, and you could click on bands or venues to bring up lists of related shows. I also made a custom content management system page with a web form that had lists of bands and venues, making it very efficient to enter events.

I promoted 100s of events over a few years, but it got to be too laborious to enter everyone's shows myself. Also, when I began my acoustic projects, I became less involved with the jam band scene. There is still the Facebook page for it and I occasionally use it to announce shows.

This is a template I've been using. I use PHP to grab blog posts from Blogger as a CMS for news and the links page. Email signup is ReverbNation's widget.

Same template as the Hot Club site.

This site is based in WordPress, which offers many advantages, yet frustrates me a bit with it's lack of flexibility of placement. It's a matter of finding the right theme. I'll use it if it seems in order to allow the client to make updates easily. The GigPress plugin is used for the events.

Another template, using PHP to grab the Blogger post, and embedding a Google Calendar.

This is the site for Brad Schrandt, who I played with in Five. I'm proud of this one, as I set up a custom CMS for his events system. I also like the GIF button mouseover effects; I made two for each: one to fade in, one to fade out. The scroller and color palette was inherited from his previous website.

My mother's site. All HTML. Photo slideshows were online in Google's PicasaWeb, which still work, but they've been phasing out, which is a bummer -- I think Google Photos is inferior. (Check out her incredible resume!) (inactive)

Fairly straightforward all HTML site. (inactive)

I approached the old Bitter End to do their site; it was live for several months, until they canned the whole music program. (I think they started it up again?)

This was for an event I played at with 2 bands: Blue Zebra, and Ashbury Park! It was super hot that are somewhere. (inactive)

Gotta love those leisure suits! The photo collections need improvement; I hadn't learned slideshows yet... You might open the page in a full window to facilitate.

the Space Age Polymers (inactive)

Wacky band site!

Ascent Tree and Yard Care (inactive)

Brochure-style website. Funny the videos were download links! YouTube wasn't as easy back then. (inactive)

Festival website.